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Announcement: As of today, we will not support season files lower than season 15 and higher than season 17, we will only provide updates on files and services available in our community. ×

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The grand improvement on our community released today
Hello dear members and customers,
Through this I come to inform you about what has not been presented recently in our community, as requested by some members of the community and the community needed special attention to our customers.
Well, for that, for that, for our approach, for all the security, for this, the most current, available on the market.
You can follow the entire update process by following our updates page located at: https://techdevteam.net/community/releases
Any and all services provided at this time will also have updates posted on this page.

To enable 2-factor authentication on your account and iPhone protection) and even more just download the google application available on the App Store (For the Play Store (Mobile Android) after downloading the application the set of instructions available at:

Account Settings -> Security & Privacy -> Reauthenticate

Thank you in advance for everyone's collaboration!

CTO MrJunior – Techdevteam !
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